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Sunshine Summit Lodge Information

Aiming to approach drug and alcohol dependency differently through an unique approach to rehabilitation and prevention, the Sunshine Summit Lodge is nestled in a serene setting just outside of San Diego and offers individualized assistance for those now struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction. Based on the Narconon Fresh Start Program, which is committed to addressing both the physical cravings of addiction as well as solving the root issues that have led to addiction, the Sunshine Summit Lodge has been able to achieve a phenomenal success rate of approximately 76%. This success rate is considerably higher than any other type of drug and alcohol rehabilitation program now being used throughout the world.

One of the key success factors is to look at the internal issues that are the underlying reasons why a person feels compelled to turn to drugs or alcohol when they feel incapable of handling matters without this level of chemical dependency. To get to the heart of the addiction matter, the program uses cognitive behavior modification therapy. Those undertaking rehabilitation are able to realize what behaviors are leading them down the addiction path so that they can learn how to modify these behaviors through counseling assistance.

Not only does this approach help individuals become more honest about their behavior, but it also enables them to become more responsible for their own actions. The results is a higher level of success at achieving lifetime sobriety. Along with Life Skills courses, one-on-one counseling, and counselor supervision, those who complete the program at Sunshine Summit Lodge have noted that they feel more confident about addressing the issues that led them to addiction in the first place so that they do not relapse.

While the individual approach within a serene environment free of distractions is very helpful, the professionals at Sunshine Summit Lodge recognize the importance of social interaction as part of the rehabilitation process. By developing constructive relationships with team members and their peers at the Lodge, they can learn to handle social situations or other environments that may test those behaviors so that they can further learn how to successfully modify behaviors and avoid any temptations.